World of Warcraft Gets a Selfie Camera too

wow-selfies-panoThe time has come when World of Warcraft had a Pokemon Clone already featured in the game, this has become an in game web browser of types, and this is the tribute to the late Robin William. This feature will help you to take the selfie, and in this way, it will become a distract way of an epic battle between the Alliance Rages and Horde on this background. Camera is a part of rare late game quest in sister site WOW insider reports. You will have a follow up mission that will reward you with virtual narcissists with a trio of camera filters for seld-megnification new feature, and this is the sure way of creating the spark in the game. With this new feature, your attitude will demand for the camera with duckface or perhaps something a little more charming and less 2009 with the viewing of that charming new bit armor.

WOW insider have also stated that, there is an intergration of the websites taking place, but the microblogging service is not an option yet so figuring out particulars of the features is not exactly possible right now. Here, it’s a concern to ask is that does Twitter play nicely with selfies in meat space? So, here my question would be yes, and it would stand to the reason we will observe this sort of thing coming out to the Azeroth’s sharing option as well.

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