Without Battery Wireless Gaming Mouse Mamba HyperFlux of Razer

Wireless mouse of RazerRazer has announced that its new flagship wireless gaming mouse the “Mamba HyperFlux” will be presented at CES. The main objective of Razer regarding this new mouse was to present one of the light-weight wireless mice with the best performance. It is interesting that the company has removed an important component, the battery. But, how it will get power? The new Mamba HyperFlux efficiently works with the new HyperFlux-branded Firefly mouse-pad of Razer. The Mamba mouse and Firefly mouse-pad create a connection using a magnetic field in order to provide power directly to the mouse using aka wireless charging. The weight of new Mamba HyperFlux is just 96 grams and it can be charged without a heavy battery. It is much lighter as compared to our currently available G900 Chaos Spectrum 107 grams wireless mouse of Logitech.

Its lighter weight puts it among some of the light-weight wired mice in the range of 90 grams. The Mamba HyperFlux provides an efficient wireless power solution due to it uses similar adaptive frequency technology offered with Lance-head of Razer. Its major features include Razer Chroma lighting, 9 programmable buttons, 1,000 Hz polling rate, and a 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor. The major drawback of this new power solution is that if you move it away from the associated mouse-pad for at least a few seconds, the power for Mamba HyperFlux will be disconnected. It has been specifically designed for a stationary high-end desktop environment, but you will not be able to carry with you during traveling.

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