Wearable Tablet Would Provide An Easy for Businesses and Employees

Wearable TabletYou will not wear the Rufus Cuff wrist computer after strapping 3.2 inch Android tablet to your body. Your wrist will start performing sweaty functions, but it would be bulky and uncomfortable. It has been considered new technology for next generation. The CEO of the company Gabe Grifoni said that Rufus Cuff will replace the iPhone in your pocket after a few years and it would be a part of your work in the near future. Initially, some people experienced a less-comfortable version from Futurama of Leela and it was the start of the revolution of wearable-computer. Grifoni further indicated about potential usage for Cuff and it redirected to make sense.

Most of the employers are thinking that Bluetooth-enabled small Android tablets would provide an ease to their employees by wearing it. You can perform different task using an app and a connected scanner such as housekeeping at hotels, inventory, confirming tickets and many more. Most of the companies described it a good idea because wearing a device would allow their employees to work freely instead of holding a tablet. Its price is not too high as it will be available at 300 U.S dollars and most of the companies would prefer to adopt these devices. Grifoni received unexpected calls from businessmen and employees after a successful crowd-funding campaign. The campaign generated more than 800,000 U.S dollars as pre-orders.

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