Vivo-Smart HR Plus of Garmin has New Advanced Fitness Features

Garmin Vivo Smart HRGarmin had introduced a number of new wearable items in the past couple of weeks. Its first invention was Approach X40 then presented the Vivo-move and recently introduced the Forerunner 735XT. Each of them has a unique and different type such as runners, golfers and normal users who just need to be active. Now, Garmin has launched its Vivo-smart HR Plus. It is a fitness band including a built-in GPS sensor for more exact pace tracking and area range. The Vivo-smart HR Plus have some advantages compared to the Vivo-smart HR such as the ability in keeping track of personal records and a virtual pacer mode.

The Vivo-smart HR Plus has uniqueness due to its prototype with 1 inch Touch-screen and just a single button on the band. The major difference is the functionality of GPS and it enables you to view a map of your activities by using Connect app of Garmin, it is for iOS & Android. The other features include water resistance, tracking steps, climbed floors, burned calories and the heart-rate monitoring for 24/7. The Garmin name it the Activity Intensity. Similar to the original Vivo-smart HR, HR Plus supports smart-phone notifications and inactivity alerts in order to ensure your periodically movement. There is a limitation to have GPS in the Vivo-smart HR Plus that it less consume battery life.

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