A USB Designed by the Scientists to Perform an HIV Test

A USB Designed by the Scientists to Perform an HIV TestWhen we talk about the HIV tests, but in the near future, you just need a drop of blood and a USB stick for all patients. A device has been developed by the scientists of Imperial College London in collaboration with a medical testing company DNA Electronics. This device has the ability to detect the levels of HIV in the bloodstream and generates a computer or handheld gadget readable signal. It is important that disposable testing units can be used to monitor the treatment of a HIV patient. It would provide help to doctors to manage the virus treatment for improvement from a remote location. This compact device has the capability to monitor the amount of HIV virus found in the blood stream of a patient. This device will provide a handsome support in measurement and keeping the record of treatment in fighting against HIV virus.

It monitors the present amount of virus in the blood sample to provide information to doctors about the improvement level of a HIV patient. Scientists are hopeful that this technology will be used for testing hepatitis and other viruses. A setup of testing method is being developed by the DNA Electronics for sepsis and antibiotics resistance. The USB stick provides more accurate results on HIV levels within 30 minutes, but average wait time for providing results is more than 20 minutes. It has been considered a biggest improvement compared to the current wait time for results due to it is at least 3 days. The gadget just need a drop of blood to perform its analysis and the USB stick alerts a change in acidity after detection of HIV virus in a blood sample.

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