Twice Graphics Power by Surface Book i7 of Microsoft

Twice Graphics Power by Surface Book i7 of MicrosoftYou should relax now, if you distressed that during the event of Windows 10, Microsoft will leave untouched to the Surface Book. Now feel comfortable because Microsoft has announced the Surface Book i7 and it is a refreshed version due to it was focused on pure power. This specific name was due to its processor because there is a Core i7, but amazing feature is that you will get almost double graphics performance. The company has installed a second fan and especially designed for the thermals to provide much faster GeForce GTX 965M video without excessive amount of heat inside during processing.

 The company has provided a powerful battery and its estimated battery life is up to 16 hours in laptop mode, but hasn’t yet mentioned about the tablet mode. Moreover, aside from the nonexistence of major external revisions, although it wasn’t considered a much bad thing and it would be one expensive piece of hardware. It was also announced that Surface Book i7 will be available at the price of 2,399 U.S dollars and it is expected that it would be available on 10th November 2016. It was just another reminder and has been considered a flagship machine for people who need a complete & authoritative take on mobile computing from Microsoft and need to pay whatever it takes to get it for their perfect match.

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