T-Mobile Should Pull its Advertisement to become Fastest Network: NAD

T-Mobile Should Pull its Advertisement to become Fastest Network: NADMost tech experts have indicated that T-Mobile will not be able to claim that its network is newer, faster and much better as compared to the network of Verizon. The NAD (National Advertising Division) is a part of BBB (Better Business Bureau) that reviews advertising for reliability and accuracy, recommended that T-Mobile should discontinue advertisements. The Verizon has brought the challenge to the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council in Lieu of a court case. Ultimately, T-Mobile has shown its willingness to stop making claims and discontinue its commercial according to claims. T-Mobile is using information from speed-testing sites, such as Open Signal and Ookla to back up its claims. Verizon claimed that it started offering unlimited plans during this period, which slows down data of customers when it goes past a specific monthly amount.

Most of its users would have experienced slower speeds near the end of the month. Due to the NAD is a part of ASRC (Advertising Self-Regulatory Council) has now agreed that the T-Mobile frustrated the situation and recommended T-Mobile to immediately stop claiming that it has the fastest and better speeds. The self-regulatory authority also reviewed other claims of T-Mobile, including that it covers 99% of the geographic area as doing Verizon. The NAD discovered that T-Mobile is unable to support this claim and it just covers similar amount of people as Verizon. The NAD also recommended that T-Mobile should modify its advertising strategy. T-Mobile has indicated that it would comply with the recommendation of NAD, but the company reserves the right to say that it has the fastest LTE network.

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