Sync your Music across Multiple Devices with Echo Smart Speakers of Amazon

Sync your Music across Multiple Devices with Echo Smart Speakers of AmazonThe Echo smart speakers of Amazon have been considered smarter as the company has started announcing a new feature “Multi-room Music”. The new multi-room music will allow users to manage and synchronize music across multiple Echo devices at the same time. It was also announced by the Amazon that users will also be able to manage multi-room music on other connected speakers using voice commands very soon. The Vice President of Alexa, Toni Reid said that they have added a number of new features to Alexa in the last couple of months, in order to improve entertainment experience of users. They are now able to control Amazon Fire TV, home entertainment systems via Echo, Amazon Video, Music lyrics, Echo Show, activity-based music searches, and movie trailers.

Reid added that the company is making Alexa smarter by adding all-new feature. It would enable users to play music synchronized on multiple Echo devices in providing room-filling music throughout the home. It is important that new feature will be compatible with Amazon Music, iHearRadio, Pandora, and Tuneln. He said that SiriusXM and Spotify will also be added very soon in order to sync up multiple Echo devices. Users just need to create a group in the Alexa app with at least 2 speakers and give the group an attractive name such as “Restless”. After creation of the group, users just need to say “Alexa, play music Restless”, and your speakers will start playing in sync. Users in Germany, the UK, and the United States can start experience with multi-room music on the Echo.

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