Specs and release date of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Specs and release date of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Galaxy Watch Active from Samsung is still more condensed and cheaper as compared to its sibling smartwatches. But, the navigation is supposedly Junker without its normal rotating bezel. Samsung has a simple solution for it and turned the bezel into a touch surface. Some sources have claimed the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will implement a Touch Bezel and it will enable you to swipe your finger along the side to scroll through the circular interface. But it might beat having to obscure the screen every time you need to check the weather or read a text message.

It can be helpful if you tend to wander away from your phone. The Galaxy Active 2 is reportedly the first Bluetooth 5.0 watch from Samsung. It promises up to 4-times the range, support for 2 audio targets and lower power consumption. You can receive notifications at the gym during your phone stays safe in a changing room locker. The wrist-wear is still expected to come in 40mm and 44mm cases size with regular and LTE variants but didn’t mention aluminum and steel cases. The company hasn’t said anything regarding its release date. But, the Galaxy Note 10 event is just around the corner on August 7th.

The latest rumor also confirmed some specs. The Watch Active 2 will come in 2 sizes, 40mm and 44mm, the former with a 1.2-inch screen, the latter with a 1.4-inch display. Both are Super-AMOLED with Gorilla Glass DX+ on top, and both will have 360×360 resolution. The weight of the smaller model is 31g, while the bigger one will be at 36g. The aluminum or stainless steel case is allegedly built to adhere to MIL-STD 810G durability standards. The rotating bezel is not making a comeback in this watch. Samsung will apparently outfit it with a touch-sensitive bezel. You can swipe on to navigate the UI as an alternative to simply using the touch-screen. The Watch Active 2 will employ the same Samsung Exynos 9110 SoC, with 768 MB of RAM on the Bluetooth-only model and 1.5GB on the LTE-capable wearable. Both models have 4GB of internal storage.

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