Sony’s Coming Xperia Z5 to be the First Phone with 4k Screen

Sony Xperia Z5A video leaked by a website, and posted that Xperia Z5 flagship would be the first smart-phone having 4K screen and it will be launched very soon by Sony Company. The Video is showing that marketing director of Sony said that Sony Company is looking to release two models of Z5 one is 5.2 inch Z5 and other is 5.5 inch  Z5 which is called Premium. The showing video is about larger model. The new Xperia Z5 has 4K screen with 800 pixels per inch. It is also said that this new model has included a 23 Megapixel camera with the capability of 0.03 per second autofocus and digital zoom of 5X. the new Xperia Z5 would be dust-proof and water-proof as included in the previous model of Xperia Z3+ model.

This new upcoming model has one interesting feature, the water-proof micro-USB connector without any cover. The Sony’s all-metal phones have boxy design language to a ’T’, it is now included for Xperia logo embossed on the side for more excellent look. The new Z5 is considered as the first Sony’ smart-phone having a fingerprint sensor and it is mounted at an unusual place (a small side power button). Despite all the specifications, rumors said that both new categories of Z5 are included with 810 Snapdragon SOCs, 32 GB internal memory and 3 GB of RAM. The smaller Z5 has 5.2 inch screen with 1080p screen, but bigger Z5 has 5.5 inch screen that gives much better view for videos. It is also said that Sony would display all its models next week at IFA in Berlin.

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