Sony will enable you to control PlayStation games using phone

ps4-playlink-shuheiSony wants your friends should have to sit with you and participate while you are enjoying PlayStation game, so the company needs them to dive in. The company is now launching PlayLink, it is the latest advancement and it would enable you to participate in PS4 games using your iOS or Android device. Just consider it as you often like party games of Jackbox only on a bigger scale. You will be able to play or participate in all kinds of games without picking up any gamepad. Sony has just presented some meaningful examples and the ability of a player, but the starting game schedule includes the quiz game and it will That’s You. The drama Hidden Agenda, Frantics, Singstar Celebration and Knowledge is Power.

But, we are still waiting for full and final details from the company, but That’s You might be the first out of the gate after a successful launch on 4th July 2017. Point to be noted that it will be almost free for PlayStation Plus members. The concept is promising as we are observing from its initial details. Any kind of enhancement in a mobile component enables developers to build games with impressive & collective decision making (such as Hidden Agenda) and private information that might not be an option of you were just looking at a TV screen. It also allows in making more efficiently accessible PlayStation games by using a touch interface as most people already understand the scenario.

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