Software Upgrade Center for Android Updates from LG

software upgrade center of LGSlower and irregular rollouts are still the rule instead of exception when it comes to new & advanced versions of the Android operating system, regardless continuous change of promises from Google and its number of hardware partners. The latest plan of LG to turn that around has become a new facility at company’s R&D campus in South Korea and named it the Software Upgrade Center. The company has confirmed that it is dedicated to providing faster, timelier, software updates, and smart-phone operating system in all around the world. LG has indicated that first task of the company will be managing to roll out the Android Oreo for the current flagship G6 phone.

Point to be noted that G6 is still latest product until the launch of G7 in May 2018 and it will be presented in South Korea. The CEO of LG Electronics, Mr. Jo Seong-jin said in a press statement that reliable and continuous upgrades will be presented to our valuable customers. He confirmed that most LG smart-phones have a long and considerable lifetime. Apart from initiatives such as Project Treble, if LG got the ability in consistently keeping its devices supported faster and through more iterations of the operating system, that might help raise its profile compared to the competition. But, there should be a delivery of goods initially and there might be hopefully prior to the Android P emerges from beta testing.

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