“Smart Scalpel” Will be Used to Remove Tumors from Brain Without Cut

smart-scalpelA researcher David Oliva Uribe has developed the latest “smart scalpel” in Brussels, Belgium. The new “smart scalpel” doesn’t work or looks like a traditional scalpel. It has a sensor-rich sphere at the tip instead of sharp edge to cut and open people. It has the capability to differentiate between normal brain tissue and cancerous tumors. Now, a surgeon will be able to swipe it around the surface of brain for auditory result or can get visual regarding the status of tissue in just half a second. This tool has the specialty to find out tumors at early stage from seemingly healthy tissue.

Oliva Uribe further said that imaging techniques such as ultrasound and MRI have the ability to accurately find a tumor prior to the surgery. But, there are a number of factors involved in the surgery that can lead to loss of position. So, the removing of a tumor needs more experience such as touch and sight sense of the surgeon. This latest tool “smart scalpel” has been tested on artificial tumors and brains of pigs, but it would take a considerable amount of time prior to using in an operation room. Point to be noted that researchers of Imperial College London introduced a “Smart Knife” that had the ability to remove cancerous tissue among healthy tissues, but the major difference between “Smart Scalpel” and “Smart Knife” is that smart scalpel prevents cutting.

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