Serious Repair Issues found in Newer Mac Products of Apple

Newer Macs Have a Serious Repair ProblemThe T2 Security Chip of Apple is a coprocessor and represents a leap forward for encrypted storage and secure boot functionalities on latest Apple hardware. This chip is offered in company’s newer products, such as the 2018 Mac Book Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Book Pro. It aggressively blocks Linux from being booted, which admittedly affects a small subset of potential customers. These newer Macs have a more serious issue for the majority of owners.

The T2 chip limits your repair options. It has the power to entirely brick your hardware. So, you need a crucial component of your Mac Mini fixed. You take it to a third-party repair shop or take the DIY approach and do it yourself. Apple’s T2 chip has the ability to turn your hardware into a brick once you boot it back up unless the proprietary diagnostic software, and combined with an internet connection and Apple’s servers. It gives the T2 chip the “green light” to continue.

Just Apple and a selection of its official network of service providers use this software. It is known as the “Apple Service Toolkit 2 System Configuration Suite”. Apple also admits this process is essential but didn’t mention which components are necessary for or when exactly this requirement went into effect. This proprietary software is required when replacing a “display assembly, logic board, upper case, and Touch ID board”. But it was focused on teardowns and DIY repairs. The company’s site swapped out displays, a Touch Bar unit and even logic boards with zero side effect. The machines booted normally even after updating to macOS Mojave.

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