Samsung will be the First Tech Titan as opening its AI lab in Canada

samsung3Canada is becoming a hotbed for the research of Artificial Intelligence. Samsung has opened an AI lab at the Université de Montréal. The faculty and students of the school, including Samsung partner Prof. Yoshua Bengio, will collaborate with researchers from South Korea on a bunch of AI-related projects, including image recognition, self-governing car tech, robots, and translation. But, you might not see the first results of this lab for years, it emphasizes both the rapid shift to the North of the tech industry and increasing dependence of Samsung on Artificial Intelligence. There isn’t any secret that Samsung needs to boost up its AI work. There is Bixby assistant an amazing feature for the smart-phones of Samsung and it is spreading to devices such as smart speakers.

It has been considered a success to rapidly develop its current rough state and become something much better, especially since it has unique features such as object identification. It is possible that combining the early autonomous driving and robotics work of Samsung, the future of the company would be a turning point on the strength of its AI labs. It is important that Canadian investment in AI would lead to a severe battle for, especially in Montreal. The government of Canada has earmarked 125 million dollars in federal funding. There are various major brands researching AI across the country, including the Deep-Mind office in Edmonton by Google and self-driving unit in Ottawa by Apple. Montreal has been considered home to teams of Microsoft, Google and Facebook. So, Samsung should open an AI lab in the city to avoid losing talent.

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