Samsung and Oculus Join Hands to Launch VR Mobile Device Headset

Samsung Gear VR HeadsetVirtual Reality gear by the Samsung is just ready to come in the market, and it is now at the place to hit the stores. The gear VR, this is the tremendous virtual reality headset, which will work with the Samsung handsets as well, is near to reach in the market by the end of this year,  said by the technology chief of Oculus, named John Carmack. This device is jointly formed by the Samsung and Oculus, and this will be facilitated by the specialized app store, and this will be a great benchmark for the arrival of the new device in the market and enabling the people to make use of the smart devices.

During the speech at Game developer conference, he added that,

“this is the special thing and reasonable ish timeframe, and this virtual reality will eventually hit the stores shelves and this will not be different from the prototypes the company has shown so far, in this way, this is the best options available to serve the needs of the people.

The launch date reflects the inflection point for the nascent virtual reality industry, until now, most VR technology has primarily existed as an effort among the game developers, and if we look at the different companies like Sony, it has already launched the different versions of the virtual reality helmets for the game lovers.

This is the larger question, which exists among the minds of the customers that, will the customers buy these products, which have been developed by the customer different companies like Sony, Oculus, and Samsung. Companies need to take care of the needs of the people and demands of the people about what they actually want in the gaming industry.  No, doubt, this industry has been paving a way to provide a reality based video games.

On the other hands, Microsoft and HTC have also announced to launch the prototypes in the markets with the aim to serving the people with best parts of the services. if we look at the oculus, then this is working with it for three years, and the company is known for the handsets, which is called as high end PCs. The company also unveiled its headset late last year, and after acquiring by the Facebook for $2 billion.

Carmack, who is a game developer, and he has developed large number of veteran games said that, he has joined the oculus to work on the virtual reality devices, so that people can enjoy the live gaming experience. He said, he is willing to bring this technology for the smartphones as well. He said, he was also a fan of Rfit’s prototypes. He said, what people are looking for, is the need of the people to experience VR to be truly interested in it. This technology for the mobile phones will do the same, and this will represent an important part of the industry.

In the longer run, mobile phone technology is going to become an important platform, and which is the good direction.

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