Samsung is no more the King of Cell Phone World

SamsungApple has scored the high percentage of highest sales of the mobile phones in the fourth quarter, and this is all because of the courtesy of its new mobile phones, which has been released by the Apple, according to the report issued by the Gartner and by looking at the figures of the fourth quarter of 2014,the Apple has taken the 20.5% share of the total mobile phone sales, which is the very good figure. In 2013, Apple made the 17.3% of the whole mobile phone sale share, and on the same time, the sale of the Samsung’s share of the smartphone market has decreased from the 29.5% to 19.9%. During the last quarter, Apple sold 74.8 million Apple Phones to achieve its best goals, and this is the best figures, and there are chances that Apple will get the high score rate in the current year.

According to the Gartner, the sale of the IPhone increased due to the launch of the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and these sets enjoyed heavy demand in the USA and China. So, this could become possible due to the increase in the mobile phone size and the features of the IPhone. The new IPhone customers have started preferred to choose the IPhone as an alternative to the big screened Android mobile phones.

In the January, there was seen a tie between the Apple and Samsung, as both stands at the 20% of the global smartphone market, but the momentum was the same, but the trending reflects the upward increase in the sales of the smart phones, while the same Samsung reflects the decreasing trends of the sale of the smart phones.

The record of the Apples sale in the first quarter is the definitive sign that the move to bump up the display size of its smartphones paid off.   The Samsung has been losing its share from the market as the apple has also brought in the market, the larger screen handsets. On the other hand, S series mobile phones and Note series have also played an important role in retaining the competition with the Apple Phone. Samsung has not been hit by the budget friendly smartphones but also affected with the Launch of the Apple Iphone6, on the other hand, Chinese competitors are also competing with the with the Samsung mobile phones because Chinese companies have also launched the cheaper handsets in the market, which has affected the sale of the IPhone and Samsung. So, both companies need to find an alternate way to develop the features and uniqueness in the smart phones, this is also the way, by means of which smart phones can increase in sales all around the world.

Chinese vendors are, not doubt, big challenge for the smart phone industries especially Apple and Samsung, but due to the brand strength and the quality of services, there is not so much effect on the sales of these companies. Gartner issued a statement in which it was said that Chinese Vendors are using the latest equipment and new hardware features that can rival the established players in the mobile phone market.

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