Samsung 55-inch and 85-inch 8K QLED TVs are Compact & Cheaper

Samsung 55-inch and 85-inch 8K QLED TVs are Compact & CheaperSome major 8K TVs manufacturing companies are moving ahead with various models featuring high resolution. It is noteworthy that 8K TVs traditionally don’t get smaller than a 65-inch size screen, and we are expecting around 75-inch and 85-inch screen sizes. The flagship Samsung 8K QLED (the Q950TS) only comes in an 85-inch size in the United States. It supposedly indicates the kind of Big-screen experience Samsung is pushing for its 8K TV sets. However, there is a little chance of a 55-inch 8K TV, a mid-size, and high-resolution 8K TV with a more compact form factor and lower price. Point to be noted that 55-inch is traditionally the flagship size for a 4K TV with 4K resolution not being found on smaller 32-inch TVs.

But, the 4K TV seems great on a 65-inch screen and 75-inch screen sizes. An 85-inch 8K TV has 104 PPI which is a similar density found on a 43-inch 4K TV, but an 85-inch 4K TV has only 52 PPI. It clearly indicates you will need 8K resolution for an 85-inch screen to look as detailed and natural as a 43-inch set with 4K resolution. A 55-inch 8K TV has 162 PPI, but there isn’t a single 4K resolution TV size with such high pixel density. A 24-inch or 32-inch TV would get close, but you simply don’t need that many pixels on such a small screen. A Samsung official has informed that 8K isn’t overly necessary at 55 inches, really coming into its own at 65 inches and above.

So you might not need to want to spend your money on buying a great 55-inch 4K TV because there is a 55-inch 8K resolution option. 55-inch 8K TVs are limited to about one new Samsung TV a year. It was a 55-inch model of the Q900R, launched in 2019. Samsung also launched the Q700T mid-priced 8K TV in 2020. It comes in both 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes and available in just the UK. The company also launched a 55-inch Q900R model in the United States at just $2,299. The flagship 4K model Q95T was available at $2,999 but the 55-inch Q700T is cheaper and starts at around 2,699 with a similar size.

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