Reno 3 from Oppo is expected to be launched in MWC 2020

Reno 3 from Oppo is expected to be launched in MWC 2020You will recognize the distinctive pop-up ‘shark-fin’ camera if you know the Oppo Reno series. It seems like the Oppo Reno 3 series is set to drop this stylish design quirk. The vice president of Oppo, Brian Shen has confirmed that there will be a 5G variant of the Reno 3. There were also images and a video showing the front and rear of the device, on Twitter. The images shared by Shen with a label the Reno 3 Pro 5G, but based on the Oppo Reno 5G and Reno 10x Zoom looking exactly the same. The Oppo Reno 3 would use a Snapdragon 765 chipset, but Oppo has constantly pledged itself to a 5G future. It clearly indicates that the company is releasing another 5G device.

The Oppo Reno 3 will have a small notch and the Pro (or the Pro 5G) will have a ‘punch-hole’ cut-out like the Samsung Galaxy S10. The lack of the shark-fin robs the Oppo Reno series of arguably its most distinctive feature. There are not too many people noticed the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom or Reno 2 if they looked like standard Android devices. The upcoming phones look a lot less distinctive as a result. There are a few things we know about upcoming Oppo Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro from the images, other than the absence of the shark-fin pop-up section.

The images of the Reno 3 5G Pro show the screen curves around the edges of the device. It’s a design feature that’s usually reserved for high-end devices. It is noteworthy that the Reno phones are typically more mid-range. The caption of Shen also states the thickness of the Pro 5G and it will supposedly be 7.7mm. The upcoming phone will likely have a huge screen and we estimated it at around 6.8 inches, or at the upper limit for modern smartphone displays. The Reno 3 Pro will have four rear cameras, similar to the Reno 2. The camera array is at the top-left of the phone’s rear and flushes with the back of the device. The company hasn’t yet announced the launch date but expected in advance of MWC 2020.

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