RAZR Flip-phone from Motorola at $1,500

RAZR Flip-phone from Motorola at $1,500The RAZR flip-phone of Motorola is expected to arrive at $1,500. The new handset will be available through Verizon during next month. It has a massive price tag on the expensive components required to build a foldable phone. The Motorola’s parent Lenovo is turning to the bendy phone trend to revive the once-iconic RAZR brand’s fortunes.

At CES earlier this month, the world got its first glimpse at an actual bendable phone, courtesy of China’s Royale. Everyone from Apple to Huawei has been linked to a foldable phone. Motorola itself was granted a patent for a clamshell-style handset with a flexible screen (that folds inwards but doesn’t leave a crease) last year.

A former best-seller with more than 130 million units sold. The RAZR brand fell on hard times along with devices from fellow big guns, such as Nokia and BlackBerry after the arrival of the iPhone in 2007. It was an attempt at a revival came and went with 2011’s Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx. Both it bores the same trademark thin design of the original. There were also rumblings of a comeback in 2016, but they were quickly shot down. Motorola recently paired up with Verizon on the Moto Z3, which works with the upcoming 5G Moto Mod.

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