Phone-controlled Paper Airplane announced by PowerUp

Dart Paper AirplaneMost people experienced when PowerUp first presented the idea and previewed smart-phone controlling airplane in the year 2014. Now, it will fulfill the dream and it will be available to everyone very soon. The Kick Starter reported that a retail version of its Dart aircraft will be shipped in February. The company is currently running a pre-order campaign for essential elements, including the propeller module and 2 templates at a price of 29 U.S dollars. The other essential component is the standard kits (Japanese aerobatic papers and wheels) at a price of 37 U.S dollars. Pricey packs will allow you to get additional modules in order to join more friends for aeronautics group experience. It was also said that most of the kits will arrive later in the month of February.

Point to be noted that some kits, such as the standard Solo kit may not be shipped until May 2018. This project clearly indicates that the Dart of PowerUp is entire regarding converting paper planes from simple gliders into a powered airplane and it can be controlled easily just using an app. It shouldn’t be considered cheaper as compared to a model aircraft, especially in the case of a crash. But, it will provide you a freedom in folding the aircraft according to your desired style. This attractive innovation will hopefully add more lovers and contributors due to its uniqueness and user-friendly operation.

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