Your Phone can be Hijacked During Screen Replacement

Your Phone can be Hijacked During Screen ReplacementA latest study has indicated that one of the most ordinary fixes to a stock smart-phone disorder might be used to steal your data and settle your device. A latest study published in a paper has indicated that researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel has announced how a replacement screen can be changed easily to override your mobile. The method includes embedding an intentionally integrated chip in a 3rd party touch screen. The team of researchers was able to physically handle the communications system on a LG G Pad 7.0 and Huawei Nexus 6P. It basically allowed them to record inputs of keyboard, installation of apps, getting images of the user and transfer them using email. The other type of attack is to disturb the kernel of operating system.

The team of researchers also claimed that these treacherous screens have been designed in finding identical to the real elements. It means the handset technicians might not be able to discover the difference. Moreover, the overall process is file-less and it allows going undetected by anti-virus software. This kind of attack is known as the Chip-in-the-Middle situation. The team of researchers used an Arduino platform running on an ATmega328 Micro-controller module to carry out their outrageous tasks. The team also used an STM32L432 Micro-controller, but most other Micro-controllers have the ability to do the job. The team used a hot air blower to separate the controller of the touch-screen from its main assembly boards to access its copper pads. The researchers claimed that a little amount of effort can hide the changed part easily within a reassembled device.

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