Philips has announced NeoPix Easy 2+, Prime 2, and Ultra 2 Projectors in the US

Philips has announced NeoPix Easy 2+, Prime 2, and Ultra 2 Projectors in the USPhilips has announced a new series of compact budget projectors for Europe and the United States. These projectors have more premium features than ever making their way to the NeoPix projector range. Point to be noted that the NeoPix Easy 2+, Prime 2, and Ultra 2 are successors to the Easy, Prime, and Ultra LCD models released in 2019. The cheapest Easy 2+ model is retailing at just $149 / €149. There is a very low price barrier to getting one of these low-cost beamers into your home. If you’re looking for a gift for an AV enthusiast in your life, too, each model is compact enough to be discreetly moved between rooms, without dominating a home cinema as so many of the best TVs do.

The new models from Philips add in a number of premium features previously only seen in Philips’ premium PicoPix range too. The Easy 2+ and Prime 2 models both offer HD resolution (720p, 80-inch max projection), while the higher-spec Ultra 2 packs in support for Full HD (1080p, 65-inch max projection). It is noteworthy that the Prime and Ultra models both pack in a new smart TV operating system with pre-loaded apps, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi Dual Band for maximum speed. Both projectors support 4-corner correction and digital zoom for optimized placement on a screen or wall too.

 The Easy 2+ misses out on the new smart OS – meaning you’ll need to plug in a content source via USB, micro SD, or HDMI but does ramp up the brightness to twice the number of lumens as the original Easy model. It also features a 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in external speakers too. The device can project an image of up to 65 inches. The Prime 2 retails at $199 / €199, whereas the Ultra 2 retails at a slightly pricier $329 / €329. These NeoPiX projectors don’t have the truly premium features of the best projectors out there. All the above-mentioned 3 new models are available from November 2020.

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