Pebble Enables its Watches to Reply Texts for Devices on iOS

PebbleA number of Pebble users will be able to send reply using text messages by using their devices. This is for those that are linking their smart-watch to an iPhone, because it is beta release and most of the features and available for a specific amount of people until now. You should have a Time Steel, Time Round or Pebble Time model in order to access and get the experience of it. Point to be noted all the above models have been launched in the recent year. It is also important that you should be a postpaid subscriber of AT&T. if you meet the requirements and have a connection to Venn diagram then you will be ready to reply with text whether a preloaded message or with a voice message. Pebble has declared that their devices are at the top for non-Apple smart-watch that enables you to reply using text or voice messages for iPhone users and this feature is workable for more carriers. Following are the steps to Activate Text Reply on iOS:

1. You should update to 3.4 or higher version on your Pebble Time iPhone app.

2. Update your Pebble Time firmware to 3.7 or higher version by selecting Menu >> Support >> Update Your Pebble. This step is necessary if you are not prompted automatically for update.

3. Navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Actionable Notifications, to setup Text Replies for the first time from the iOS app.

4. Always follow the instruction of setup.

5. A notification will be received after successful setup. Now you will have the options to reply with text or voice messages.

6. Point to be noted that Pebble replies will not be visible in the iOS messages app. Your reply will be sent directly by using AT&T but not from messages app.

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