OnePlus 7 Pro will have an HDR10+Display

OnePlus 7 Pro will have a HDR10+DisplayOnePlus surely doesn’t need you to forget that it’s launching the OnePlus 7 on May 14, 2019. We’ve had news on its IP rating and the internal storage, and now you will get more details on the phone’s display. Basically, the OnePlus 7 Pro model will be available with support for HDR10+, and that’s been confirmed by OnePlus itself. It ensures both dark parts and light parts of an image or video stay detailed and visible if you’re new to HDR, or High Dynamic Range.

You will find effectively controls the range of colors on a screen at any one time. HDR10+ is one of a handful of HDR standards floating around at the moment, and one of the most advanced With Dolby Vision. It is noteworthy that just a few smartphones support the tech at the time of writing, including the Samsung Galaxy S10.

HDR10+ also ups the ante in terms of maximum brightness compared with HDR10 4,000 nits instead of 3,000 nits. As well as being able to intelligently change the image shown on a display on a frame-by-frame basis. People will need an HDR10+ compatible source as well to get the most from the technology, but the likes of YouTube and Netflix already have support built into their apps.

It clearly indicates that the display is going to be one of the stars of the OnePlus 7 show, at least as far as the Pro model is concerned: bumps in resolution and refresh rate have been confirmed, and the screen has already earned a top rating from independent reviewers. How much of this tech trickles down to the standard OnePlus 7 remains to be seen, but all will be announced at the launch event of OnePlus 7 on May 14, 2019.

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