New XPS 27 of Dell with Amazing & Advanced Features

Dell's new XPS 27A number of companies have manufactured all-in-one or built-in speakers for laptop computers efficiently. Now, Dell has announced something more advanced. The new XPS 27 all-in-one refresh of the company presents more advanced & efficient audio setup. The new XPS 27 of Dell offers a bright 17-inch (3840×2160) display with 100% Adobe RGB color-space and it is available in touch & non-touch configurations. The display will be powered by 6th Generation Intel core i7-6700 CPU (or i5-6400). This new machine has ten built-in speakers, including 2 down-firing speakers to fill-sound, 2 tweeters for high notes, 4 full-range drivers and a couple of passive radiators for heavy bass. The above mentioned audio features may be safe to consider that the XPS 27 has more efficient features than your average machine.

It will offer optional AMD R9 M470 & M485X Graphics. The new XPS has plenty of power as it has up to 32GB of RAM and efficient HDD storage capacity of 2TB, but if you selected solid state drives then 1TB. It has a number of ports, including 5 USB plugs, USB type-C, HDMI and Ethernet port. We examined that there is just one thing missing from the machine is stylus support. The articulating arm of XPS 27 allows its screen to lay flat similar to Surface Studio of Microsoft in order to facilitate artists to draw on it. It has been considered much efficient Surface competitor. The XPS 27 of Dell is now available with a starting price of 1,499 U.S dollars.

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