New Vive Cosmos VR controllers from HTC

Vive Cosmos VR controllersHTC has shared more information regarding the Vive Cosmos. Moreover, the company has shown the system off at CES at the beginning of the current year. The official Twitter account of HTC Vive has posted a video clip showing the work of Cosmos controllers. HTC described in a 23-second video that the lights of controllers efficiently track your each and every move.

The company further mentioned that the placements of joystick and button are more comfortable. It provides better relaxation for your thumbs and fingers as compared to other available virtual reality controllers. Moreover, the Vive Cosmos and the Oculus Touch controllers both have a loop design. Their buttons and joysticks are placed on opposite sides. You will need to hold the Touch with your thumbs resting at the top of the loop where the buttons are, at the other hand the controls in Cosmos are inside the loop. The video also indicates the controllers will be perfectly compatible with your existing VR experiences.

HTC hasn’t yet announced when it plans to release the Vive Cosmos system or how much the bundle, including the headset itself, and their cost. It is noteworthy that the company confirmed at CES, though, that it’s not a standalone system such as the Vive Focus. It will need a processing source to work. The HTC executives said at the event and suggested that it might be able to run on a PC or a smartphone. So it will provide more comfort and considered portable as compared to PC-only platforms.

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