New Smart-Phone to be Launched by Google with an Advantage of its Assistant

New Smart-Phone to be Launched by Google with an Advantage of its AssistantGoogle is supposedly to launch a phone that promotes its assistant technology, so the company is now acquiring a hardware supply chain with a boatload of patents. The announced of Pixel 2 is expected on 4th October. There isn’t any denying the hype machine that Apple can tap into. Some leaked shots of the Pixel 2 supposedly showing that it will be too different from its predecessor. It might be an issue in the world where the devices of Samsung Galaxy S8 line are already available and it would make the Pixel 2 dated. Last year, in the reviewing of Google Pixel XL, users discovered the device to be best Android device technically at the time in the market. But, the supposed selling point of Pixel to take advantage of the Google Assistant.

Users always need to be more comfortable for managing heavy personal data with Google. The Google Assistant has discovered its way onto other Android devices and iOS. With the likes of Sony and Samsung, Google is doing much better in pushing out Android updates. But, Pixels are still rare in the real world, in spite of a concerted marketing push. The response of Google is to do some extra struggle of the same. Moreover, any kind of thought of Google might cut its losses and getting out of the hardware game, and it might be set aside following the purchase of HTC parts. The end game of this deal is supposedly to be patents, much like previous attempt of Google for integrating and taking over hardware player.

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