New Selfie Oriented Power Shoot SX740 HS Cameras of Canon

Canon's selfie-oriented point-and-shoot now handles 4K videoThe end seems approaching for point-and-shoot cameras, especially cosmic cameras on smart-phone models, such as P20 Pro of Huawei. Canon hasn’t yet announced the category, but it has just announced the compact Power-Shoot SX740 HS. It is a smartened version of SX730 presented last year. The latest model is a replica for its previous version. It has the similar 20.3-megapixel sensor and pop-up flipable rear screen and 24-960mm equivalent (40x) lens.

 The latest model has a new Digic 8 processor and it has the ability to shoot photos at 7.4 frames/ sec, and video at 4K 30 frames/sec not only 1080p. You can charge it over USB and it has the ability to automatically deliver photos via Bluetooth or WiFi technology to your smart-phone. You will also find a Feature Assistant and it helps you in selecting the perfect shooting mode with dual-sensing optical image stabilization. The Power-Shoot SX740 HS is expected to be available in the United States in the month of August 2018. It will be available in Silver or Black at an estimated price of 399 U.S dollars.

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