New Pixel 4 will offer Touch-free Control and Face Unlock

New Pixel 4 will offer Touch free Control and Face UnlockGoogle has again attracted rumors regarding Pixel 4 with its touch-free control and face unlock. The company has confirmed in a tweet that its next flagship phones will include motion-sensing Soli radar. It would enable users to skip tracks, silence phone calls, and otherwise control key phone tasks by waving their hand. Soli will play a major role in one of the other signature features of Pixel 4, face unlocks. It is noteworthy that Google relies on familiar infrared cameras for actual face recognition. The company also uses the radar to detect when you’re reaching for your phone and activate the IR sensors. Your phone will unlock the moment you pick it up and you don’t need to raise it or tap the screen.

The Pixel 4’s approach works to secure face data as it stays on the Titan M security chip and it works for payments and app sign-ins. The company has indicated that Motion Sense will only be available in specific countries. Motion Sense is made possible by Soli, a motion-sensing radar Google says it’s been working on for the last half-decade. There are a number of mysteries surrounding the Pixel 4, including its launch date. Soli is apparently a scaled-down version of the common technology but used to detect intricate finger gestures instead of planes and ships.

People will be able to use it for simple controls, like switching songs or apps. LG and now Google is bringing this old feature back makes people feel that the tech is starting to get to a more useful level. Moreover, Google is being far more transparent about this release than it has in the past. It is important that Google is leaning considerably more on unique hardware features than before. Google still lacks the killer feature that makes waving our hands in front of a smartphone seem better than just touching it.

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