New Note 8 of Samsung will be Available Next Week in the U.S

New Note 8 of Samsung will be Available Next Week in the U.SApple is now ready to launch a supposed super-premium phone in the coming week. It will match most of the features available in the new Note 8 phone, but it might not be for everyone. There are a large number of people showing their satisfaction with S8 phones of Samsung for a few hundred dollars less. The new Note 8 is suitable for Power Users and it is for those who are using their phones a lot more than an average user. The Note 8 will be available on next week in the U.S at an estimated price of 930 to 960 U.S dollars depending on the carrier. Samsung has improved its safety tests during current year and reduced battery capacity by 6% in order to provide various safety measures.

A screen-off memo feature enables users to use the stylus to take notes without unlocking the phone. Users will be able to write down a quick reminder during walking or cross items off your shopping list at the store. It seems like real writing without any noticeable interval. The Note 8 will enable you to scroll down to write more than a single screen. The character-recognition software of Samsung is unable in making out user’s chicken-scratch handwriting. The previous Note phones translated words you hovered over with the stylus. The Note 8 expands it to full sentences, but it will be done when you tap “T” icon to switch modes. You need to mention the language translating from, but Google Translate service feature usually has auto-detection.

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