New Liquid Battery developed & it can last for 10 years

Liquid batteryThe modern batteries are not frustrated too much according to their capacity for their long-life time span. We know that a lithium-ion battery can be wasted after just few years of excessive use. It has been considered a negative factor for your phone, but it depends on the energy storage system. Now, the researchers of Harvard have discovered a way and you should not have to worry about replacing or buying new power battery so often. The researchers have developed a flow battery which might last for more than 10 years. This battery has the capability to store energy in liquid solutions. They adopted a method to modify the molecules in the electrolytes (ferrocene and viologen), because they produce more stable water-solution and resistant to degradation.

When they dissolve into natural water, the resulting solution shows just 1 percent loss from its capacity after every 1 thousand cycles. It can be used for several years prior to noticing a minimal drop-off in its performance. It has been considered more interesting and beneficial for using water regarding the environment and your budget. This liquid shouldn’t be considered corrosive or toxic, so you shouldn’t be more worried about wrecking your home after leakage of battery and you might just need a simple replacement. These materials are safer and less expensive compared to the materials normally used in flow batteries. It wouldn’t need exotic pumps and tanks for harsher chemicals. So, it needs less maintenance compared to other flow designs. We believe that there would be an attractive market for it, because renewable energy has become cost-effective and efficient.

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