New HX95 and HX99 Compact Cameras from Sony

Sony's new HX99 and HX95 compact camerasThe world of point-and-shoot has been considered remarkable, including X100F family of Fujifilm and RX100 of Sony. The announcements of Sony’s only cameras at IFA 2018 were appealing. The company announced 2 cameras, the Cybershot HX99, and HX95. Both present a technically attractive 30x, 24-720mm fps 3.5-6 equivalent zoom lens into a 1.5-inch wide frame of the camera. It is much similar to the premium RX100 series. Both new cameras can be considered a part of the Cybershot camera family. It means that they are cheaper than the above-mentioned premium compact camera series from Sony. The price of HX99 is around 610 U.S dollars and makes it cheaper at half the price of Sony’s latest models of RX100. Both cameras offer perfect imaging skills according to point-and-shoot camera professionals, but you can’t get 30x zoom from the latest smartphones.

The RAW shooting and 4K video are now possible in 2018 phones. New cameras have the ability to zoom-in by maintaining detail. So, travelers and occasional family photographers will be able to get some great shots without cropping an image or digital zoom. The image quality is impressive with miniature imaging sensor of the compact camera by pushing the HX99 to its super-zoom limits. The major point is that super-zoom offers great shots that are impossible with Galaxy S9 or your iPhone. These cameras have built-in optical image stabilization to shoot RAW images, including 4K video capture and 10fps burst shot mode. The pop-up electronic viewfinder and flash make them more attractive due to the old RX100 Mark II don’t have an EV. The User Interface & general look is much familiar to those used a Sony camera in the recent years.

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