New Glucose Monitoring System approved by the FDA to monitor Blood Sugar

FDA approved new systemWhen you need to test your blood sugar levels, a finger-prick shouldn’t be considered just a finger-prick. Now, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the first reliable and safe glucose monitoring system for adults that don’t need to get your blood several times a day. The Free-Style Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System of Abbott efficiently works by inserting a small sensor wire below the surface of your skin. This sensor wire needs at least 12 hours to start up, but once it’s ready, you will be able to simply pass a mobile reader over it to read the levels of glucose in your blood. It will still work for 10 days prior to replacing it.

The spokesperson for FDA, Donald St. Pierre explained that the agency always welcome the new and effective technologies in helping people to manage chronic conditions. He said that this system will allow people with diabetes to prevent the additional steps of finger-stick calibration. It can sometimes be painful, but it efficiently provides essential information for treating their diabetes using a wave of mobile reader. Abbott previously introduced a similar system called the Free-Style Libre Pro. You just need the help of a doctor to use it and to activate the sensor wire under your skin. But, you don’t need doctor’s help to determine your sugar levels are too high or too low, or right with the Flash. He also mentioned that only 18 and above will be able to get it.

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