New Glider Drones Tested by the U.S Marines to Drop Supplies

New Glider Drones Tested by the U.S Marines to Drop SuppliesYou will not find always possibilities to deliver supplies for troops in most dangerous regions and critical situations from land or sea. Now, the Pentagon is using navigable parachutes JPADS (Joint Precision Airdrop System). They are considered more expensive and difficult to recover or get back. So, a much cheaper and more practical alternative was used by the U.S Marines for their experiments. They build a disposable glider drones and it cost just around 1,500 to 3,000 U.S dollars for its manufacturing. The new Logistics Glider was built with plywood, household hardware and cheaper electronics. The Logistics Glider is currently capable to carry up to 1,600 pounds with an approximated speed up to 74 nautical miles. Point to be noted that the new Logistics Glider is three times cheaper than the parachute system as it costs 29,700 U.S dollars.

The Logistics Glider was manufactured with a handsome help from the University of California in order to develop the self-governing brain of the Glider. It takes over as soon as it was dropped from its carrier aircraft. Their upcoming mission of Glider has drone’s wings and tail automatically snap off during its landing on the ground. It is important that this new technology has a wonderful feature and this feature prevents enemies to copy the technology as previously happened in Iran for the RQ-170 drone. The Gliders were tested by the U.S Marines for 10 days, but they haven’t yet disclosed the results and keeping it secret. After finalization of entire experiments, these Gliders will be used not just to drop supplies for troops, but to drop relief goods in disaster.

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