New Galaxy A6s of Samsung to manufacture in China

Samsung Galaxy A6Samsung has its own factories manufacturing smartphones around the world. Some reports have indicated that the company is starting subcontract manufacturing for some of its products sold in China. The Korea Herald first reported about this arrangement and said that Samsung might outsource manufacturing some of its products to a Chinese ODM which regularly doing business with Xiaomi-Wingtech. The company hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the rumor.

It is predicted that Wi-Fi certification for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A6s will be manufactured by Wingtech. The new smartphone model no. SM-G6200 (supposed name Samsung Galaxy A6s) is expected to launch during next week. It is clear that Samsung is obviously outsourcing manufacturing its latest smartphone to a Chinese ODM. The Strategy Analytics conducted a research earlier this year. The research showed a sub 1% market share in the region.

The main objective of outsourcing manufacturing to a local company will decrease production costs. It would attract more customers in a price-conscious market. The company didn’t mention its plans to subcontract manufacturing of more products or just targeting to sell limited products in China. The Samsung Galaxy A6s will be a mid-range dual camera Android smartphone and it might release during next week. The certification document shows the new device has a 5.99-inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 system, and has a powerful 3300mAh battery. The major effort of Samsung to sell its smartphones and other products in China will attract more customers looking for cheaper and latest devices.

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