New Android Feature will tell you about Access of New Devices to Your Google Account

downloadGoogle account holder should keep in mind that a number of things are more disturbing than receiving a notice that an unknown device is getting access. It is more important when you just receive the notice in your inbox during checking your email. Now, Google is looking to introduce natural and essential Android notifications. It will pop up at the time when a new device needs to access your account. It would provide you a quick chance in order to change your password prior to an unknown invader make shopping using your authorization.

If you are questionable, then it takes one tap in order to review the activities. This specific feature is rolling out periodically and gradually. Google has mentioned that it would take more than two weeks and Google users would see a new change in the feature. It doesn’t matter that when it would arrive and when it will be implemented by Google, but important thing is that it would provide a secure feature against data breaches and the against the surprise bills of online purchase.

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