New addition in HTC Vive will attract more Companies into Virtual Reality

New addition in HTC Vive will attract more CompaniesHTC Vive wants to help businesses take advantage of virtual reality, similar to how Microsoft has positioned HoloLens as an enterprise-friendly tool for training. The company is ready to launch a new unit, Vive Enterprise Solutions. The major objective of its launching is completely focused on professional requirements of its VR hardware, software or services. It comes after the release of the last year’s Vive Pro. It was a headset managed to fix the entire issues of the original Vive. But, its cost was high at $799 and attractive just to business and professionals.

The company has recently announced the Vive Pro Eye. It is an updated version of the headset with eye tracking and the Vive Focus Plus. It has a new addition of 2 motion-tracking controllers to its standalone headset. The VR gear experienced a tough sell for most companies when the Vive and Rift launched in 2016. The new hardware has improved significantly and developers had time to explore VR as a medium. The head of Vive Enterprise Solutions (HTC Vive’s general manager of the Americas) Dan O’Brien has indicated that VR wants to be treated similar to any new technology headed to businesses. It will ensure proper software working behind the firewalls and keeping them together with workplace mainstays, such as Autodesk and Microsoft Office. O’Brien also pointed out that the upcoming 5G hotspot of HTC and Sprint is another business-friendly step.

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