New 4K Digital Whiteboard from Google at $5,000

New 4K Digital Whiteboard from Google at $5,000It took at least 6 months and now first digital whiteboard from Google is available. So, Google has started selling digital whiteboard “Jamboard” in the United States at a price of 4,999 U.S dollars plus 600 U.S dollars for annual support and management. But, you will be able save 300 U.S dollars if you by one before the end of September 2017. It eventually has 55 inch 4K display with including built-in cloud features. If you have a G Suite plan then mobile tablet and remote Jamboard owners will be able to draw and annotate in the room. It is important that phone users can also follow along and enter data. You can also deliver presentations using hangouts and receive any desired file from the Google apps range.

It is important that Google announced the Jamboard in the month of October 2016. It has been considered a real hardware appearance of productivity apps from Google. It was completed when they all received a dedicated task. It enabled Google in getting its feet in the boardroom door. It will be more feasible for a number of businesses who need an internet-savvy whiteboard, but don’t need to fork over 9 thousand U.S dollars for Surface Hub of Microsoft prior to involving service costs. It is too costly and you might not be going to have it at your home, but it would be an important part in your office if you rely on Google and need some kind of long-distance brainstorming.

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