Motorola will soon announce Moto G9 Power with 6,000mAh Battery

Motorola will soon announce Moto G9 Power with 6,000mAh BatteryMotorola is working very hard and improving its hardware and software features according to an advanced environment. The Moto G Power smartphones are well designed and could last at least one day or maybe 2 days between charging. The most powerful phones from Motorola including the G7 Power and G8 Power have 5,000mAh batteries. RootMyGalaxy is an unspecified phone from Motorola’s parent company Lenovo. It has been passing through several certification boards, including the US’ FCC and Europe’s EEC. They state that the phone will come with a bigger 6,000mAh battery. Charging speed is also mentioned as just 20W and it’ll take a while to power up a 6,000mAh battery.

A leak shows an image included with the certification and based on the design. It seems very likely to be the next Moto G phone. It indicates the camera bump looks exactly like the one in the Moto G 5G Plus. This smartphone was recently launched in the United States as the Motorola One 5G. It is still unclear whether the phone will have a fingerprint sensor as most of the Moto G8 phones have. Motorola is supposedly moving to use side-mounted scanners in its Moto G9 phones like the G 5G Plus and Moto G9 Plus are using them. But, it might be reserved for the top-end members of the series.

The image also pointed to 3 side buttons on the smartphone. There are 3 side buttons on the phone including white blocks on the sides, 2 to the left, and one to the right. These 2 buttons are presumably the power button and volume rocker, but what about the third? It might be a Do-not-Disturb slider such as OnePlus and Apple smartphones have, or it could be a dedicated camera shutter button as some Sony Xperia devices have. Point to be noted that we still have just a leak image for the new Moto G9 Power smartphone. We are hopeful that the company will soon officially announce its next large battery size smartphone.

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