Motorola Razr V4 is now ready to launch

Motorola Razr V4 is now ready to launchMotorola Razr smartphones were iconic devices. Now, there’s a chance they could become iconic again. Some sources have indicated the company is looking to present Motorola Razr V4. It will be a folding smartphone that takes the old-school form factor. The foldable phone battleground is heating up, as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X smartphones are expected to launch during the last quarter of 2019. The Motorola Razr V4 is expected to be one of the first affordable foldable smartphones. The company hasn’t yet disclosed the Motorola Razr V4 release date. The first rumor release date for Motorola Razr V4 came from The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper pointed to February 2019 with no sign of the phone. An August report suggested the Motorola Razr release date could be December 2019. That’s the date we’re currently expecting to see the foldable phone. The WSJ report says an expected starting price will go around 1,500 U.S dollars. It will make it far more expensive than most smartphones.

TrustedReviews reported that the vice president of Motorola and general manager, Anthony Barounas said at MWC 2019, “If you go around the stores today, for me the phones all look the same. It’s difficult to see if it’s a Motorola or another brand. How we differentiate to the consumer, show them something really different, that’s where foldable comes in. And that’s where Motorola also has a very big investment. I can’t say much but we have one franchise that will have a very big impact there”.

It is noteworthy that the device has a secondary screen. It also details some possible features and you might be able to use it to scroll through web pages that you’re viewing on the main screen. The Motorola Razr V4 will supposedly have a Snapdragon 710, 4 or 6Gb of RAM, and 64 or 128GB of storage. It also has a 2,730mAh battery. The secondary screen could also apparently be used to display notifications and a clock. It interacts with Google Assistant when the main screen is closed.

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