Moto X4 Powered by Android One will be arrived in the U.S

Moto X4 Powered by Android One will be arrived in the U.SThe Android One is becoming popular in the world. It was started as a stock Android platform for some cheaper handsets and it is still a stock Android experience. But, now it will be found on various mid-range handsets. Xiaomi has been considered the first one having the Android One version of its Mi A1 (an alternative Mi 5X). A source has informed that Motorola is now appearing by following suit with the Android One version for its upcoming Moto X4 device. Most tech experts believe that the Moto X4 might be the first device in the United States powered by Android One. It would be a major deal for various users who need to get experience Android the way Google put it together. It will not be presented with third-party skins or other added pieces.

One of the other benefits to the marketed Android One devices is a guarantee in getting more than 2-years of operating system upgrades about the latest Android version. Google said that access to the latest addition and a phone always run smoothly as you bought the device first day. The Android One version of Moto X4 might not be a day & night difference as compared to the normal Moto X4 and it might not be massively skinned phone in the 1st place. It means that users will be able to get updates to be made available much faster with less testing and less time for removing pre-installed apps. The Moto X4 has been considered a premium looking device beside the Android One. The U.S version will have 3GB RAM, 32GB of storage, dual-tone LED flash, one 8MP camera and one 12MP camera at back, and on 16MP camera on the front.

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