Motion Sensors of Your Mobile can be Fooled by Sound Waves: Scientists

Motion Sensors of Your Mobile can be Fooled by Sound Waves: ScientistsIt is charming to imagine that sensors of your mobile devices are reliable. But, there are some elements relying on real-world activity and it might change the imagination. So, the above mentioned scenario no longer perfect. It has been discovered by the scientists that motion sensors of your mobile devices can be fooled into registering non-ongoing data after playing the perfect sounds. This specific technique uses playing a tone at the consonant frequency for the spring structures inside chips of accelerometer. It is much similar as you might explode a wine glass. It shouldn’t be considered hacking or not in the traditional sense, but it can lead to a stranger taking control of features related to motion. The team of scientists managed to operate an app-controlled toy car by playing perfect music from a speaker of Android phone in tests.

They also used another phone to spell out the word “walnut” in a graph using another piece of music. They were able in making Fitbit tracker record imaginary steps with a basic speaker. Anyone of these targeted attacks were much frightening, but scientists pointed out that it might theoretically hijack drones or other wireless operated vehicles relying on the motion sensors for their movement. It is important that there are 2 “low-cost” software solutions to frustrate the booming abuse frequency. The scientists have made contacts to manufacturers including Samsung & Fitbit to ensure their awareness regarding the issue. It clearly indicated that sensor security has its own importance as your apps or operating system.

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