Microsoft will supply its Hololens to U.S Army for Combat Missions

Microsoft HololensA number of armed forces are using Hololens of Microsoft for training purposes. Bloomberg has reported that Microsoft has now got a contract with U.S Army worth $480 million to supply the headset for training and live combat missions. The major objective of the U.S government is to enhance mortality with improving the ability to detect, decide and engage the enemies.

The U.S Army is encouraging non-conventional military suppliers such as Microsoft, Magic Leap, and other tech firms to bid on the contract. They needed a device that could allow for night vision, the ability to measure breathing and other vital signs. It will offer hearing protection and monitor for signs of a blast. It is still unclear how Microsoft will bring those capabilities to its Hololens.

Microsoft informed Bloomberg in a statement that augmented reality technology will provide troops more and much better information in making decisions. The new partnership would enhance the company’s longstanding, trusted relationship with the Department of Defense. These headsets will not be available as a consumer product. But it will enable Microsoft in manufacturing, training, marketing, and other purposes.

The U.S Army will buy at least 100,000 headsets. The HoloLens goes for $3,000 to developers or $5,000 for businesses to use commercially. Microsoft will reportedly release a new, cheaper model at the beginning of 2019. Google was heavily criticized by its employees for its Project Maven AI military contract and elected to pass on a $10 billion Pentagon AI Cloud contract by the principal. Microsoft has indicated that the company will not stop selling software to the U.S military.

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