Memory-Division Computing Successfully Tested by HP

Memory-Division Computing Successfully Tested by HPThe Grand Dream Machine for future computing of HP is not more than a collection of sharp ideas and hardware advancement. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been considered a business-oriented company has tested successfully to its Memory-Driven Computing design. It is due to memory has its own importance to finalize tasks instead of raw processing power. It would be an evidence of model concept, but it present that everything is working. The nodes of computer share a collection of rapid and permanent memory, and it allows photonics-based speedy data links and required software essential to make it functional. This model needs extra nodes and memory in making it more powerful and there is a perfect reason that why HP Enterprise is more focused on this test.

The design simulations phase recommend that a Memory-Driven Computing system has Multiple Magnitude Orders with more rapid running code compared to a traditional PC. In some cases, it would be up to 8 thousand times faster. The Company needs to use this technology for servers and high-end computing devices. It was also said that this advancement would serve efficiently for internet related devices, but home based users can also get benefits from this advanced technology. The major obstacle was considered to make it practical in the past. The non-changeable memory needed in making MDC shine, though it would be unavailable 2018 or 2019. You will not expect to buy a “Super-powered” laptop in the near future. It would take a considerable amount of time in refining the experience before presenting it into the markets.

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