Lytro is reportedly acquired for $40 million by Google

Google acquired LytroLytro wonderfully appeared in 2011 with its more advanced Light Field technology for the first time. They developed an inexplicably-shaped camera having the functionality of focusing pictures after its capturing. It was the first camera arrived in 2012 for 400 U.S dollars, after a turning point to VR (virtual reality) and pro cameras. It was a time when its technology was able to create images and videos. It enabled users to move around into experience from different angles. TechCrunch reported that Google has planned to acquire Lytro. A source has indicated that Google will grab most technology and patents of the company for 40 million U.S dollars.

It is still secret that what kind of move Google planned after acquiring Lytro. The Light Field technology has a number of implementations for VR and Google launched a “Welcome to Light Fields” app on Steam with traversable stills. So, users will be able to experience real-world reflections, its depth, and glow & transparency like never before in VR. The tech of Lytro has been considered perfect for this application and videos, in which users will be able to change their perspective in VR. TechCrunch also pointed out that Lytro itself recently acquired Limitless, developer of the Reaping Rewards VR experience in order to work on technology in blending animation with light-field captured live action video.

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