Lighthouse has started shipping its AI-Powered Security Camera

AI Camera of Lighthouse3D intelligent security camera of Lighthouse was predicted to be shipped in September, but you can purchase it because it is available now, at a price of 299 U.S dollars. You will be able to select an AI service plan of 10 U.S dollars per month (including a 90-day free trial) or a lifetime plan of 200 U.S dollars (without any additional payment). The camera is powered by a 3D sensor and AI and has the ability in distinguishing people from pets and recognized faces. Its onboard laser is much similar to the 3D sensing devices often used by self-driving vehicles. It has the ability in measuring the structure of it sees and then differentiates people and objects. Lighthouse has promised that people will not bother with fake security alerts from pets or shadows due to the advanced capability of this camera.

The Artificial Intelligence understands normal speech patterns and it will enable you to ask questions from the camera, such as “Did anyone try to enter the home between 9 and 10 am”? The camera has various types of efficient tech to work in tandem to provide a perfect experience. The CEO, Alex Techman said in a blog post that custom optics for a time-of-flight camera has the ability of directly measuring the 3D structure of the scene. He added that recurrent neural networks for computer vision specially dedicated for use within the home and a natural language interface for simplifying and amplifying the experience of users. There is still a big question that will it efficiently provide facial recognition and small alerts?, but the Cam IQ of Nest formerly disappointed.

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