Lenovo has launched Chrome OS running the ‘Duet Chromebook’

Lenovo has launched Chrome OS running the ‘Duet Chromebook’Lenovo has launched a 10-inch 2-in-1 running Chrome OS, the Duet Chromebook. The new model has 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a MediaTek processor. Its attractive price starts at just $280 and comes with a keyboard cover. Point to be noted that Chrome OS doesn’t need as much horsepower as Windows and it’s possible we’ll experience a battery-life benefit. The Duet Chromebook is easy to flip between laptop and tablet use, and it ships with a kickstand, keyboard, and touchpad. A two-part back made of aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced plastic is attractive. The compact display might limit if you really need to multitask. But, it renders a nice, crisp picture if you’re just browsing and YouTube watching.

The power and volume buttons are at the right top edge mounted in the landscape. You will also find the USB Type-C port, the only option for connecting anything to the tablet. The Duet Chromebook shouldn’t be considered to use as a primary workstation but can be used as a solid secondary browsing device or a better option for kids. The top-up area has stereo speakers and 2 far-field microphones. The default screen scaling factor is good for casual use. The new device might be a tablet, but Lenovo sells it together with a keyboard cover and magnetic kickstand and making it into a Surface-like form factor. Lenovo Duet’s keyboard cover is just kind of floppy and loose.

It is noteworthy that Lenovo and Google did an incredible job making some of the best sub-$300 tablet hardware. The screen and build quality of Duet Chromebook is much better. Chromebook touchpads fall into 2 categories like Windows laptops, decent and bad. You will get a similar swipe-in-from-the-edge for back and the same swipe-up-and-hold for multitasking. There are 2 different swipe-up gestures depending on how far you go. A short swipe just shows the apps that would otherwise be on the shelf at the bottom bar in desktop mode. It sounds more like the navigation system on an iPad.

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