Leaked image shows a 5-Camera Phone from Nokia

Leaked five-camera Nokia phoneThe leaked image of a new Nokia phone from HMD has shown a more advanced approach in the dual-camera environment. The company might attempt to announce the latest smartphone imaging with a Penta-lens camera array. It shows equal parts Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, and Evangelion. HMD will now get an advantage because no other smartphone manufacturer yet announced such specs. The Verge pointed out that the 5-lens setup has been spotted in earlier design sketches and in the patent from Zeiss (it recently teamed up with Nokia brand). It would add some edge to the amazing and attractive-looking leak. Most people thought that the 3-lens phone of Huawei was too much, but the new invention has been offering more interactive design.

Nokia shouldn’t be considered the only phone pondering on a group of lenses in the futuristic smartphone. The Light already launched a 16-lens camera with a very chunky sized point-and-shoot. It is reportedly working on providing similar tech to a smartphone. Experts believe that HMD might pick up the PureView branding from Microsoft and they will present something extensive from it. The approach of the company in making both, the front and rear photos/ videos might be more attractive and efficient. The old Nokia had announced when the company came to phone photography after finding the mixed results with large imaging sensors and having massive camera crashes. Some major features such as optical zoom and stabilization were the backbone for a lot of its premium devices.

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