Latest Video Cards of NVIDIA will Help You in Live-Stream VR Video

P5000 & P6000You haven’t found anything yet if you consider that newest Titan X of NVIDIA was a giant beast of a video card. The latest Quadro workstation cards have exposed by the GPU maker. These cards are Pascal-based P5000 and P6000, and both of them save power in making your gaming-grade card modest look. The P6000 has built for the fastest graphics card until now with perfect reasons. It has extra processing cores compared to the Titan X (P6000= 3,840 & Titan X= 3,584) with double in memory and gigantic 24GB of RAM. The P5000 is much closer to the GTX 1080 in its performance, but has only 2,560 cores with 16GB of RAM suitable for 8GB gaming card. These specifications will be perfect for your boards if you are doing work with heavy amount of 3D data.

Their actual party trick is concerned with a matter of software. The advantage of a new VR-Works 360 Video developer kit can be taken by both the P5000 and P6000 and they support in producing virtual reality footage. They have the ability to capture, stitch and Live-stream VR video using up to 32 cameras in real time, and it would make them perfect for VR concert feed. The pricing is another factor and NVIDIA has planned for shipping both Quadro cards in the month of October 2016, but didn’t mention about their original prices and cost. At the other hand, the Titan X costs 1,200 U.S dollars, but doesn’t pack sufficient memory.

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